One on One Breakthrough Consulting

One-On-One Breakthrough Consulting

Institutionalizing new leadership competencies for sustainable change.


Companies in pursuit of breakthrough growth need leaders who are willing to pursue the crazy ideas, step out of the status quo, and be more than they’ve had to be in the past. The inherent challenge of taking a company into a new zone is developing senior leaders who can navigate the current, known business environment, while also successfully operating in situations and a marketplace that is much more unknown. Leading the company to that zone will require a different leadership context, skillset, and mindset.

Any breakthrough future is dependent on growth—growth for the organization as a whole, and growth for individuals to lead more efficiently, more effectively, and more agile than ever before.

Most organizations see a gap with their leaders and articulate who their “leader for the future” will be. Institutionalizing these new and distinct leadership competencies and behaviors will require each leader to fundamentally examine and change—as needed—their individual thinking. This approach involves critical examination of one’s worldview, and the study of the background assumptions shaping how any leader shows up in their environment. This important work is often overlooked and underestimated, as organizations ask leaders to lead in a new way, but don’t give these leaders access to how to adapt and newly shape themselves.


When a leader who has been successful in different ways is faced with the need to change, it is important to create the freedom for them to explore new places in their thinking and leadership. Our consultants’ experience and our approach create an environment that allows for critical self-exploration to emerge with depth and quality.


Sessions provide senior executives with coaching and feedback to develop their leadership. Focus areas include:

  • Identifying specific issues and concerns—and the associated background assumptions that must be dispelled—impeding leadership growth and breakthrough performance
  • Developing the leadership mindset required to impact near term issues and to achieve the longer-term outcomes
  • Pinpointing performance gaps, incorporating 360 feedback, and designing conversations/ interventions to address those areas and deliver results
  • Designing new ways to accelerate both their individual and team development

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