Custom Leadership Programs

Custom Leadership Programs

Unlock the brilliance of every leader.

Disrupting and rewriting mindsets for sustainable change.


Companies in pursuit of breakthrough growth need leaders who are willing to pursue the crazy ideas, step out of the status quo, and be more than they’ve had to be in the past. The inherent challenge of taking a company into a new zone is developing senior leaders who can navigate the current, known business environment, while also successfully operating in situations and a marketplace that is much more unknown. Leading the company to that zone will require a different leadership context, skillset, and mindset.

Leadership development is about constructive disruption. It’s about taking already outstanding, successful leaders and bringing about a change in them that translates into better business performance and larger impact. This can look a lot of different ways, but always means equipping people to lead growth and change, and compete successfully in the “unknown” space.

We believe disruption is necessary for growth, and we’ve dedicated our company to mastering the art of people disruption—interrupting how people and organizations think. The stakes are high, requiring new strategies, systems, and technologies. But people are the key.

The root cause of why people act the way they do is the underlying assumptions and beliefs they have about themselves, their organizations, and their teams. Disrupting and rewriting these mindsets is necessary for sustainable behavior change.

Leaders willing to move to the outer edge of what is possible and articulate specific business outcomes in that ambitious zone spark a possible new future. These are the kinds of conversations worth having, and the only ones that can make change happen.


Customized Leadership Programs and Virtual Conferences


For large groups, or for reaching deeper into an organization, the design of these programs draws from from leadership modules that focus on specific competencies and skillsets as needed. These modules can be organized and customized individually as virtual talks or webinars, or as a curriculum to align with the client organization’s intended leadership framework. Our standard leadership development modules are:


  • Accountability and Ownership
  • Bringing Out the Best
  • Coaching for Extraordinary Performance
  • Enrollment & Buy-in: How People Get Invested in Their Company
  • Resilience in the Face of Breakdowns
  • Breakthrough Communication
  • Risk-Taking: Pathway to Creativity and Innovation


Creating a New Future: The Role of Completion and Acknowledgment

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