Breakthrough Strategy

Breakthrough Strategy

Architect the future of your enterprise.


At this stage, most of the traditional competitive advantages of a business are disappearing. The world is moving with accelerated pace towards commoditization and similarities in basic knowledge, information, and actual product offerings. What has worked in the past will not work for building a future-proof organization.


With a thorough examination of the business in its current state, executives demystify the reasons why the business operates the way it does: its practices, rituals, and beliefs. Breakthrough Strategy provides a new level of clarity for executives to take responsibility for the past and invent a future from a place of complete ownership. The future of the business becomes their invention.

Breakthrough Strategy is organized around three fundamental principles:


  1. Transformation of leaders and leadership teams: Leaders and teams transform themselves as a critical pathway for delivering extraordinary results for their organizations.

  2. Alternation of organizational mindset: Producing extraordinary results requires a mindset shift—a shift in the fundamental way people think.

  3. Intense focus on outcomes: Reframing the focus from tasks or activities to quantifiable outcomes to be produced is critical for breakthrough performance. A relentless commitment to deliver specific, quantifiable outcomes is, in itself, a breakthrough for most organizations.



  • Developed from the marketplace perspective: Continuously in service of what the marketplace desires
  • Created from the future, distinct from the past: Unconstrained by the current thinking of the organization
  • Produced in an environment of alignment: Causing authentic ownership and aligned action
  • Stated as outcomes: Bringing clarity and direction to execution with the end state in mind





    Provides an overarching, wholistic view of the future, but with a significant level of granularity — providing both inspiration and a direct call to action



    Provides a long-term compelling future while the work to develop the strategy lifts current constraints - making an immediate impact on business performance



    The clarity of the strategic roadmap has people confront the leadership required to make it happen. Since it is a growth strategy, it essential for the leaders to grow in order for the strategy to be realized.



    Developing the strategy from an overarching purpose provides organizations with a North Star that endures over time.



Traditional strategy: Where are we today and what do we need to do next? Breakthrough Strategy: What's the future and what do we need to do to get there?


Aspects Of The Breakthrough Strategy Invention Process:


The Breakthrough Strategy invention process begins with inventing or re-connecting to the organization’s purpose.  From this purpose a long-term vision is created which provides a detailed description of the future state of the business within a specific timeframe.  A breakthrough strategic framework is then built to ensure the realization of this vision.  

The executive team breaks free from the current business operating model and generates a precise blueprint of outcomes and measurable results that deliver the purpose and vision of the organization.  The executive team aligns on every outcome necessary to deliver the end-state and in the process takes ownership of the entire organization, making the major strategic decisions for implementation.




The Breakthrough Strategy implementation process builds the operational bridge from the Breakthrough Strategy framework to the tactical detail necessary to effectively deliver the desired results.  


Operational plans include specific outcomes, owners, timelines and key interdependencies to guarantee successful execution of the Breakthrough Strategy.  


Detailed tracking and monitoring of every aspect of the operational detail gives executives a tangible way to manage performance against deliverables.

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